Utilitarianism breaches personal freedoms and leads to genocides


Everyone, fellow or fellowship, has the inalienable right to self-determination


Hardly anybody knows that passports were introduced following World War 1 only as a temporary measure

Government has one true mission

Political issues exist because of the immoral use of force


I work no matter what, because that’s what we, men, are supposed to do. In fact, we need to work even more—for the wellbeing of future generations

Ethical science

Science without conscience is a crime against nature. Ethics are fundamental

The International Criminal Court

The International Criminal Court has no juries, no oversight, and no freestanding appeals mechanism

Stolen symbols

The swastika, the Roman salute, and the rainbow are all esthetically powerful symbols that happened to be appropriated by evil movements

Non-instant tax rebates

Non-instant tax rebates are scams: all they do is replace income tax with inflation

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