Red-flag legislation

Red-flag legislation is a way for an enemy to preëmptively disarm its victim

Chipped cheese

Fie upon these crooked knaves! How dare they add microchips into my beloved parmesan!

A war on humanity

All this insanity? A war on humanity

The EU’s allowing glyphosate use

Sheer evil this is, this power abuse!

Cluster bomb clusterfuck

First uranium shells, now cluster bombs

Italy cracking down on electric scooters

Italian legislators want to mandate license plates, insurance, and helmets for electric scooters

Scorched-earth Ukraine

Ukraine understands that taking over Taurida and the Donbass is farfetched

Ungrateful illegals

Here comes what I didn’t show in my Ventimiglia photopost

Arms exports put Europe at risk

The European Peace Facility is sending arms to Ukraine—something straight out of 1984

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