Latisana in August 2023

A heart, the barber, number plaques, pretty typography, and the river Tagliamento

Cameramen at events

I will not be a cameraman at an event

Truthful names

Zelensky, Fetterman, Guido, and Trump

Zelensky and SBF did one good thing

Zelensky and SBF are among the most despicable characters of the modern age

Website for “Nel Segno di Bacco”

“Nel Segno di Bacco” is an Italian artistic group touring the country with a musical play about wine, food, and conviviality

Candidates for Twitter CEO

Mr. Beast, Patrick Bet-David, Snoop Dogg, Lex Fridman...


Ye is a laterally-thinking visionary working for the good of mankind, and is worth listening to

Nationalities play

French people try to be like Italians, while Italians try to be like Americans

Truth and opinion

Some strange people often say something, and then end the phrase with “but this is just my opinion”. But don’t they want their opinion to be true?