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Trump’s mental decline

Biden’s mental capacity is really bad, but Trump is having issues too...

Beautiful signals coming down

Trump said some interesting things at his Nov 11 rally in Claremont, NH

Truthful names

Zelensky, Fetterman, Guido, and Trump

Cracking a can open

Cracking a can open is an even better audiotactile sensation than popping a bottle’s cork

2021 → 2022

It’s about to be 2022. Whatever. We should not change our actions just because of an arbitrary new beginning

Tech companies ban Trump and co.

Apple, Google, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Discord, and Snapchat have banned Trump and his closest allies

Good causes and cults

I might get slapped in the face for this. But telling the truth will make the world a better place, which is more important

My Telegram posts from April 16 till May 16, 2020

This is everything published to my Telegram channel in the last month