Tech companies ban Trump and co.

Apple, Google, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Discord, and Snapchat have banned Trump and his closest allies. They have a right to do this.

Nevertheless, such a purge has never happened before, and this should be alarming. These companies could at any point go beyond banning myth-spreaders and start censoring everyone who disagrees with certain positions.

I protect myself against similar bans by self-hosting as much as possible, not relying on the cloud, and preferring technologies to services.

Being immune to cancel culture is more important than ever.

Mobilus Werton 2021

You say, companies have right to ban any person, but don’t you think this is against freedom of speech? You are talking about selfhosting, but today it’s not enough popular and easy to use, so people who can’t protect themselves for any reasons by this way, they are just doomed to be controlled by companies like facebook. So, this companies have almost absolute control on information in the internet and now government should change the law to avoid this and protect people and their rights.

Robert 2021

Freedom of speech is about the government not issuing any laws that limit free speech.

The government shouldn’t get involved in the wild jungle of the free market, because it would violate the rights of Facebook as an independent company.

As time passes self-hosting will become cheaper and easier.

Mobilus Werton 2021

Facebook is in dependence from the government because it protects facebook with law, courts, etc.

We have enough examples in history when government had to be involved in ‘wild jungle’ to protect people from crisis, to protect their rights: read about Henry Ford company.

Robert 2021

What exactly should I read about the government and Ford?

Mobilus Werton 2021

I said about Ford’s monopoly and why government destroyed it.

Robert 2021

I honestly couldn’t find even a single article about this.