Cancel-culture 馃懣

Bing is delisting my webstead

A聽search for聽my name does not聽index my webstead on Bing, DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, and聽Yahoo

YouTube鈥檚 searchban

YouTube searchbans esoteric topics and聽conspiracy facts

Fight back against cyber-censorship

Happy World Day Against Cyber-Censorship!


Ye is a聽laterally-thinking visionary working for聽the聽good of聽mankind, and聽is worth listening to

Smart-tech dystopia

鈥淪orry, your smart kettle will be switched off because you are a聽24-year old male in聽Russia, and聽therefore are a聽potential army recruit鈥

Tech companies ban Trump and聽co.

Apple, Google, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Discord, and聽Snapchat have banned Trump and聽his closest allies

Immune to聽cancel culture

Cancel culture is spreading far and聽wide. Some people want to聽forcefully rename a聽company that uses the聽word Eskimo because they believe that it is offensive

Facebook blocked me. A聽picture story

I have zero posts on Facebook and聽use it only for聽work-related purposes. Nevertheless, it believes I broke its 褋ommunity standards

Good causes and聽cults

I might get slapped in聽the聽face for聽this. But聽telling the聽truth will make the聽world a聽better place, which is more important

Can鈥檛 please everyone

Deleting dangerous posts? Killing free speech. Not聽deleting dangerous posts? Blessing the聽crazy

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