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Apple’s strategy for the future

At WWDC this June, Apple announced that it would let developers easily port iOS apps to the Mac. This new procedure opens up a door to a broader intention: porting stuff from different platforms to others.

When Apple makes software the usefulness of which may not be obvious, think ahead. To make good AR goggles, Apple needs apps. But talking about future products is harmful, so they can’t invite over too many developers to work on the alpha. That’s why they introduced ARKit now. Apps are made now, to be used now. This makes people interested in new technologies, now. It isn’t very comfortable to poke around with an Ikea sofa model on a phone, but it will be with goggles.

Think Memoji is stupid? I did think so too, until I realised how it will scale in the future. Apple is getting people prepared to get used to having a live virtual avatar. In two years, it will be indispensable for AR interactions.

When 2020 comes, all Apple has to do is make a porting mechanism for ARKit iOS apps to aOS, and sell the goggles. Instant success.

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The first website in the world with “prefers-color-scheme: dark”

As Apple begins the dark mode revolution, it wants it to be everywhere. I love dark mode, and I agree. A couple of days ago they released a new version of the Safari Developer Preview with support of the CSS feature “prefers-color-scheme: dark”. There is only one website in the world that supports it, and I happen to really like it.

It’s really simple to take advantage of:

@media (prefers-color-scheme: light) {
//code that is//

@media (prefers-color-scheme: dark) {
//code that changes//

Yep, it’s my website.

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My wishes for iOS 13

With iOS 12 being a booming success, it is a small step away from being ideal. Here are my wishes for iOS 13.

A results oriented home screen. Make it so that the home screen (and the whole OS in general) helps the user get their task done, and not send you to an app where the task could be done. Yes, this means that apps will split into usage scenarios, and that’s fine. Combining the notification centre and the home screen may also be useful. “Shortcuts” is phase one—a shake-up of the home screen is what will make this vision mainstream.

Dark mode. I love macOS Mojave’s dark mode and I can’t wait for it to come to iOS. There’s no need in explaining why it is so awesome.

A thinner Safari scrolled by address bar. I’m pretty sure this is just a bug, so it should be easy to fix:

Volume controls that don’t intrude. Seriously, how isn’t this still a thing?

Adjustments to the control centre. Give me the option of getting rid of this indicator. I know that that’s where the control centre is! Remember Steve Jobs’s iPhone announcement? Buttons and controls can change on a touchscreen, so it is obvious to let me customise my device.

It would be useful if I could turn off lock screen data controls, so a potential thief wouldn’t be able to stop me from finding my device. Currently, the control centre is disabled on my lock screen because of this.

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