2021 → 2022

It’s about to be 2022. Whatever. We should not change our actions just because of an arbitrary new beginning.

The changing of years is, however, a great time to look back and reflect.

I did not expect freedoms to erode so much in 2021.

In January 2021, Big Tech deplatformed the sitting President of the United States. In December 2021, it is deplatforming anyone who questions the mainstream narrative on the China Virus and injection safety, including an inventor of mRNA technology.

The Italian state of emergency has been extended three times just in 2021, with it now being prolonged until April 2022. This is madness since there is no emergency, while the disease is very much treatable. If a government gains extra powers during a state of emergency, it will extend the state of emergency indefinitely.

To enter Italy, a regular Italian citizen like me needs to take a Covid test, fill a form, call the local health service, spend ten days in quarantine and take another Covid test. To enter a museum, one needs to also wear a mask and have a Soylent Green pass. Wealthy non-citizens like Elon Musk are exempt from this tyrannical palaver.

Within just a year, the democratic Italian Republic became less free than the authoritarian state of Russia.

Analysing this nonsense led me to an awakening, the Great Awakening:

Many people who fell for the mainstream lies are subject to Stockholm syndrome and some even to schadenfreude—pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others. It’s a hard to shred a narrative when lots of time, money, thoughts, and emotions have been invested into it. I’ll be honest—I fell for the lies myself and only really woke up in July 2021. It’s normal to make mistakes—don’t let them define you. Acknowledge the reality, think critically, and constantly question yourself.

Two years ago I would have migrated to a country which has solved most of the problems present in my current one, to save time. But changing jurisdictions is no longer viable, as all countries are more or less unfree. Those that are still considered somewhat free today will find it easy to become part of the ever-growing unfree club. Try to remain in your country and do everything to save it.

We must do whatever it takes to regain our freedoms. Not only those lost in the last two years, but those lost in the last hundred. The evil masterminds must be arrested in droves—hate them at least as much as they hate you. Until that happens, do not comply with doltish rules and do not finance the turncoats.

Prepare for the worst possible scenarios, whether it’s a market crash, cryptocurrency ban, the invasion of Taiwan, a nuclear or neutron explosion, autonomous drone insects, a fake alien invasion, or something completely unimaginable. It’s a fun activity.

The charming rays of our happy smiles will lead us to victory. Have a happy and successful new year!