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Conscious life choices

Life has no reason to make the best choices for you, so make your own

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My favorite strategy game

My favorite strategy game is one from real life: finding ways to get around restrictions

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Can’t please everyone

Deleting dangerous posts? Killing free speech. Not deleting dangerous posts? Blessing the crazy

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My Telegram posts on 2020’s week 21

Weeks 16–20 ←→ Week 22

My Telegram posts from April 16 till May 16, 2020

This is everything published to my Telegram channel in the last month.

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Perfume and aroma candles

Perfume smells toxic and is completely pointless

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All messengers are bad in some way or another. iMessage lacks platform universality. Telegram doesn’t believe in decency—any message can be deleted forever...

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The newspaper is the worst content format out there. It’s impossible to read without crumbling its paper and getting furious about its massive size and idiotic foldedness

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