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Being loyal does not mean being a wishy-washy kiss-ass

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Bugs in own programs

I feel great joy when finding and squashing bugs in my own programs

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I’m happy when others reïfy an idea of mine

I’m happy when others reïfy an idea of mine, since I get more time to work on something else

 No comments   2020   life   minimalism   productivity

Conscious life choices

Life has no reason to make the best choices for you, so make your own

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My favorite strategy game

My favorite strategy game is one from real life: finding ways to get around restrictions

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Meaningful holidays and moronic festivities

Repeating a story keeps it from being forgotten. Holidays exist to help this cause, so they should tell meaningful stories and lessons, like Thanksgiving does

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Can’t please everyone

Deleting dangerous posts? Killing free speech. Not deleting dangerous posts? Blessing the crazy

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My Telegram posts on 2020’s week 21

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