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Vilnius in August 2022

Buildings, posters, and the old town

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London in January 2020

Tube train buttons, waffle marking, wayfinding, beautiful plaques, town square, greenery, shops, clever design

Wi-Fi signs in trains

Wi-Fi signs on train doors will be noticed by passengers only when they’re about to get off

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Bus doors

Bus doors should always open outwards. It’s just logic: inwards-opening doors take up space that could otherwise be filled by passengers

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“Do not disturb” in hotels

Most hotels give customers door tags with “Do not disturb” written on them. I don’t understand why. It’s obvious that no person ever wants to be ever disturbed

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Train door buttons

Bad and good

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Redesigning an elevator control panel

There’s this two-floor building which I often visit with an elevator interface that is way too complex