I work no matter what, because that’s what we, men, are supposed to do. In fact, we need to work more—so future generations aren’t faced with work that is even more threatening. Work should ideally be a favorite pastime; working time directives and many child labor restrictions should be axed.

Work ethic is essential; there is no excuse for bad work.

A lot of good work sadly goes unsung: few think about the unseen effort that it takes to keep society running smoothly. To all the invisible workers: thank you for your service.

Freedom spurs good work and creativity. Minimum wage legislation should be cancelled: it steals opportunities from beginners.

I seek work for what I will learn more than for what I will earn. I work selectively, in a flow state.

All of this said, the time people have to spend working should tend to zero: there should be no need for human work at all. Saying “TGIF” is a symptom of wage slavery.

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