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Manipulated weather forecasts

What if weather forecasts are sometimes manipulated to reduce how many people come to an outdoor gathering?

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Why do Danes treat animals so poorly?

In 2014, Danish zookeepers killed a giraffe and fed it to a lion for a children’s show

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Alcohol-free cocktails

There are hundreds of incredible-tasting cocktails that were created after years of hard work. Why don’t bars make more money by serving alcohol-free ones?

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Chinese Apple fakes

Why do Chinese copycats trying to pretend they have the real thing always fail so badly? Why do they make it so obvious that what they’re selling is fake despite pretending it’s genuine?

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May the 1st

How is International Workers’ Day not a working day?

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2018 fad of the year

2015 had hoverboards. 2016 had Pokémon Go. 2017 had fidget spinners. Where’s this year’s fad?

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