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Bus route naming

Bus routes should be named logically, so they can be easily memorised.

This is done well in Bologna. The bus to the airport is BLQ, the IATA code for the airport. The one to Fico food mall is F.

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Nice tramway map, July 2020

The latest edition of my tramway map for Nice adds parks and gardens, a better designation for the airport, bold line numbers, and a few colour improvements:

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Live-commenting WWDC 2020 on Monday, June 22

The icons are jelly and that’s annoying:

Oh, there’s a portal in the fountain at Apple Park.

The Mac is moving to Apple-made processors for top performance. This is good news.

iOS & iPadOS apps run on the Mac without any changes needed. Catalyst was a short-term thing.

Instead of credits at the end there’s an assurance that Apple took care so nobody would get infected. Sign of the times:

Tuesday, June 23

These tiles have a nice look:

Wednesday, June 24


Also, inconsistent use of articles.

Friday, June 26

The empty-space-to-the-right issue has been solved. My project illustrations now take up almost the entire screen width. Looks stunning:

Good causes and cults

I might get slapped in the face for this. But telling the truth will make the world a better place, which is more important.

Over the last few years, the world has gotten more radical and polarised. This is mostly because of fake news clickhunting media that does not care about the future we will all end up in.

Psychotic batshit is becoming popular, especially in the US. Cancel culture is everywhere. Affirmative action is harming innocent lives. The Overton window is shifting towards less freedom. I am scared.

The climate crisis and Greta Thunberg

Without doubt, we are in the midst of one of the most severe natural catastrophes that our planet has ever seen. We should all be working hard to minimise our impact on nature and to make sure that global warming doesn’t speed up. Unfortunately, some people have taken advantage of this problem to carry out their dirty interests, like the people behind Greta Thunberg. She has been brainwashed to feel in her veins that every breath is a gruesome action that leads to global warming. Greta Thunberg does not see the wider problem.

Fighting sexism and extreme feminists

Sexism is obviously something that should not exist: there is no scientific evidence for one sex being inferior to the other. But why harm members of the other group because some of them have a misconception?

Black Lives Matter and nationwide destruction

Black lives matter. Smashing windows of allegedly racist-run stores won’t solve anything.

Trump is a bad president and impeachment for no reason

Sure, Trump makes many bad decisions. But calling a foreign president and asking for a favour is not an impeachable offence. This “scandal” was made up by Democrats to win the next election. Binarised masses fell for it and divided themselves into pro-Trump and pro-Constitution. This is a master manipulation of the truth.

There are many other good causes being turned into cults: disagreeing with Putin and supporting Navalny, protecting the Italian language and defending fascism, et cetera.

Perhaps making fun of polarisation, political correctness, and all similar topics will stop the madness.


When senators are in the lobby, commoners come there to make their wishes. This is how the word lobbying came to be.

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My Telegram posts on 2020’s week 25

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Thursday, June 18

What happened to your heads, people?

Friday, June 19

Netflix’s interface is excellent: when starting watching a new season, it gives me a recap of the previous one.

Oh, and best of all, Netflix lets me skip the useless intros of movies and series.

Saturday, June 20

One of my favourite things about the UK is the unique scent of bread coming from bakeries. bakeries. It goes along fantastically with the industrial smell of London.

Apple can charge developers 30% if it wants to

Pavel Durov, via Twitter:

Apple and Google impose an insane 30% sales tax on all digital goods sold on every mobile phone in the world. The result – users pay higher prices, start-ups and entire industries get destroyed or never appear. Regulators have been ignoring this absurdity for 10 years.

The solution to end Apple abuse of monopoly power is simple: allow users to install apps directly or via alternative app stores, not just through the Apple-run App Store that imposes the 30% cut, censorship and lack of privacy. Just replicate how apps get installed on desktops.

I am surprised that Pavel wrote this as a self-described libertarian. Libertarians, after all, are “believers in a political doctrine that emphasises individual liberty and a lack of governmental regulation, intervention, and oversight in matters of the economy (‘free market’)”.

Apple makes both software and hardware to make the experience of using its products as magical as possible. Of course, they take advantage of this power and try to lock people into their ecosystem. I have experienced this many times myself, and I don’t appreciate it.

It is tempting to regulate these actions, but that would be socialism: giving couch potatoes the earnings of the hard-working. Nobody forces anybody to use Apple products, so there is no need to regulate Apple’s actions.

People who don’t like being locked in can make and use alternative products. For instance, I recently moved my emails, calendars, reminders, and notes from iCloud to Posteo, which I greatly recommend.

Alternative math

Being politically correct all the time is similar to being brain-dead:

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