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London in May 2023

First of all, the euphoric smell is still there. I didn’t find it as common as in 2020 and before, but it does come from the Tube and it also came from a bus. May it stay.

A beautiful window:

A beautiful lantern:



Other address lettering:

Soviet architecture:

A traffic light:

An outdoor table:


A mighty entryway:

A lovely face:

Trees and bricks:

A brick wall:

The London Fire Brigade’s coat of arms reminds me of the Kiribati flag 🇰🇮:


A gallery:

A patriotic flag display:

An ice cream van:

A charming car:

A square:

The London Eye:

Big Sister is watching:

A pharmacy swastika:

Wokeness at the Wellcome Collection:

My message:

The first words of one of my favorite poëms, Leisure, on a sticker:

Other city details:

Unlike Italy, there is a lot of Asian and Indian cuisine in London. Its spicy aromas are a delight.

Packaging at the supermarket:

Drinking from a coconut:

A water bottle:

Swedenborg’s Rules of Tremulation:

It’s a shame Selfridges doesn’t sell fridges.

The Times and Assange

Why the hell are The Times paying for an anti-Assange advertisement? And when did child-free feminist nonsense become more important than life, style, and puzzles?

Corporate media is morally bankrupt.

Typeforms are junk

Not only is it unmightly to quickly scan thru their fields, but it’s also unmightly to click them thru without first entering personal data!

It might take filling 10 fields to find out that the 11th requires information that I would never give. Time-wasting junk.

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