Thoughts about space

I never cared about constellations and never figured out how to find them.

But I’ve always had a fascination with almost everything else related to space: comets, red moons, meteor showers, auroras (especially strong thermal emission velocity enhancements), parallel universes, tesseracts, space-time warps, wormholes, black holes, and aliens.

Progress in space travel is nice to see, although it’s suspicious how nobody has stepped foot on the moon for fifty years. It would be great to have an emissions-free rocket.

We must be able to avoid being annihilated by an asteroid; for this we need a laser that can deflect one. Building a better space telescope will allow for earlier diagnosis.

I love the dark night sky and wish that there would be less light pollution. Space is not a place for junk, including Starlink satellites.

I worship the sun: it’s the only reason why life exists. Exposing the entire body to sunlight for as long as possible is fantastic for health—sunlight is a great energiser and the best disinfectant. Sunglasses and sunscreen are destructive; sun-dimming is inherently evil. Artificial light, especially blue light, breaks natural bodily rhythms. Perhaps adorning parliamentary assemblies with grand circular skylights will make politicians more sensible.

Solstices and equinoxes are some of the most meaningful festivities. Happy equinox!