The word woman comes from the Old English term wife-man. Indeed, being a loving wife and mother is a woman’s most important role in life.

Moreover, motherhood is the only biological reason for female existence. The male body is biologically superior to the female one; the latter’s only advantages are its beauty, childbirth-capability, and natural calendar.

Women should be equal to men in rights, but not in sociëtal roles. The normalisation of women working just like men is a trick to tax both sexes and indoctrinate children in government-run prisons schools. Divorce rates in couples where the woman outearns the man tend to be about 30% higher.

This doesn’t mean that the workforce should consist of only men—a female perspective is insightful when engineering, and where would we be without nurses?

But women are mostly there to be barefoot and pregnant, weaving spells into the threads of family clothing. Kinder und küche!

I accept my role as a man to provide for and protect my woman, so she can freely channel divinity and broadcast joy.

Happy International Women’s Day! I wish you well.