Ethical science

Science without conscience is a crime against nature. Ethics are fundamental.

Medicine must be mindful & not dogmatic, free to be exercised with the patient’s interest and informed consent. The doctor-patient relationship is not the government’s business. Any emergency treatment must consider the patient’s preferences, including the one for mRNA-free blood.

Pharma companies must not be able to lobby governments, nor take over the medical profession and medical research. Patents should disappear.

Products with shedding risk must be recalled and banned.

New substances should be foredeemed harmful until proven safe.

Clones and chimeras must not be made. Artificial consciousness must never have human rights.

Censorship of science must be vehemently called out—it kills by not allowing honest debates. Science is never settled.

Taxpayer money should not subsidise the ethically questionable, including birth-control pills.

Experiments should not be done for the sake of experiments.