Sirian craft sighting

On March 1st, 2019, I was flying from Nice to Riga, and saw the following out of my window:

To me, this most resembled a crashing military plane. But when I checked the web that day, I found no mention of anything similar. “Militaries don’t like to publicise their failures”, I shrugged, and continued on with my day—but kept the pictures.

Boy am I glad that I did.

Late last year, I fell into a rabbit hole of a website called Family of Taygeta. It claims to disclose the truth about what is actually actually going on: explaining multiverses, god, souls, aliens, clones, and the Great Shift coming before 2030.

Oddly enough, everything I read on it completely made sense and did not contradict my views on free will, frequencies & vibrations, humans possibly originating elsewhere, religion (particularly deïsm and Christianity), spirituality, evil entities, and the coming convergence point of a cataclysm the US Navy warned about in the seventies, predictions about Agarthans revealing themselves, the Great Reset, & potential AI singularity. Quite a feat for something so “out there”.

The website describes the alien Galactic Federation, which has also been talked about by former Israeli and Canadian military officers. The Sirian race is one of its primary members, and some of its supposed crafts look just like what I saw out of the plane’s window:

I am open-minded—I do not blindly accept or reject ideas; only the madman is absolutely certain. Family of Taygeta might just be taking advantage of fallacies, reprinting well-written science fiction, or creating a cult. Please comment with any objections, contradictions, and disprovals of what they have to say.

In any case, it’s just a matter of time before we know the truth.

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