London in January 2020

Having arrived in the UK for the first time in three and a half years, I recorded my first feelings:

Notice how the Tube train’s buttons are on the doors’ edges rather than next to each other in the middle:

The waffle marking usually applied on road intersections extends to train-station platforms:

Good London wayfinding extends to its Transport Museum:

Parking sign:

Plaque in South-East London:

The classic Westminster street name plaque. Nice bricks, too!

Sale Place:

Two gorgeous plaques next to each other:

English heritage:

The man is turning into an octopus:

The exciting and thrilling danger of death:

Crooked Billet Yard. I’m not making these names up!

Air quality monitoring:

Nice little square:

Greenery in a street:

Vitsœ store:

London shops don’t just sell things. They are places where people come for an experience:

Novelty Automation is home to fun and unique arcade machines:

As well as to a beautiful plaque:

And this marvellous request. (Boycott banks into irrelevance):

The wall subconsciously tells us that this is a cinema:

London’s other side:

Beware of tailgaters:

Hats repurposed into lamps at Luton Airport:

My other photos, videos, and audio recordings of London:
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Thameslink voice announcement