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“Peacekeeping weapons”

Government: “We’re using these weapons for peacekeeping.”

Me: “Then may I help keep peace with one of these weapons?”

Government: “No, these are weapons of war!”

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War is massive organised murder that drastically expands government power and extinguishes freedom.

Treaties should never commit nations to future wars, and should instead help stop them.

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Called the EU about chatcontrol

Chatcontrol is unacceptable. That is why I left EU Home Affairs Commissioner, Ylva Johansson, a strongly-worded message:

Here’s the transcript:

Hello Ms. Johansson, I would like to talk to you about the new chatcontrol legislation and how it is absolutely disastrous for everyone in the EU and generally in the world.

The European Union wants to “temporarily” mandate spying on personal conversations in order to “protect children”. By doing this, it is effectively banning end-to-end messaging encryption, allowing potential thieves and murderers to read our conversations. Criminals will always disobey the law, so this [proposal] won’t help. If you begin scanning messages that go through servers held by companies, crime networks will set up their own private servers. Crime is fought through education, freedom to work in ethical industries, and a tough approach to who can immigrate to a country. There is no such thing as a backdoor which can only be used for good, just as is there is no such thing as a temporary mandate. If a state of emergency gives a government extra powers, the government will never want to let go of them, and will keep extending the emergency forever, just as it has done with the Covid epidemic.

You will be held accountable for your actions. Please, Ms. Johansson, don’t enact this law! Don’t encourage your people to enact this law! This is absolutely horrible, this will destroy the creativity of people: they will [become] afraid. Even if the people trust the government now, what if there’s a government that’s completely the opposite, what will they do with this ability? They will persecute people for different beliefs! You have to be careful about any law enacted now even if it’s for supposed good (this law cannot do any good), but nevertheless, imagine if the complete opposite, if a tyrannical dictator used this law. This law is absolutely horrific and as a concerned citizen I really do not this law to be passed.

I left Executive Vice President for a Europe of the Digital Age, Margrethe Vestager, a similar message.

I also called EU Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, who hung up seconds after responding, twice. Not something unusual from a corrupt New World Order tyrant who wishes for a universal digital ID (read: social score) and signs secret deals with pharmaceutical companies.

Unhappy with Apple

Over the past two years I’ve grown quite unhappy with Apple. The beauty and iconicity of its products are not enough for me to continue supporting the company.

Apple is often applauded for its humane interface design and attention to detail. It often does deserve this praise: one-touch headphone setup and Live Text really are fantastic features that just work. But Apple designs its products this well only when it is financially beneficial. The MacBook’s power brick is deliberately unrepairable: not only does it have no screws, but it is also tied to its power controller by serial number, forcing people to buy a new one if it breaks. The devices that do have screws require uncommon drivers. The charging cable, meanwhile, is meant to last one year and to then biodegrade, “to protect the environment”. What a clown world: a biodegradable cable that only lasts a year cannot be better for the environment than a non-biodegradable one that lasts a lifetime. I will not believe anything that Apple says about the environment until it makes its devices repair-friendly.

Apple products are also almost completely closed-source, which makes it significantly harder to find vulnerabilities and preïnstalled spyware.

Privacy? That’s not iPhone. Apple respects privacy only marginally more than Facebook and Google do. It collects metadata in the background, creates a social graph, communicates with cell networks even in airplane mode, makes a plot of surrounding Wi-Fi networks, offers no easily removable battery, and requires signing up to download software on iOS. The latter is a problem that goes beyond privacy, as Apple can ban individuals from downloading and updating apps.

As a cherry on top, Apple devices are manufactured by slaves in China. Oh, and it also wants us to believe that men can become pregnant.

I will continue using my iPhone XR and MacBook Pro until they break or stop receiving vital software updates—this way I am not harming the environment nor supporting the company. I will, however, soon delete my Apple ID completely, as I have already done with my accounts at Google and other privacy-invading and humanity-disrespecting companies.

Happiness and other emotions

Happiness is internal. I literally just decided one day that I was going to be happy for the rest of my life. Since then, happiness is a constant which disappears only for a few minutes at a time in unpleasant situations.

Overall, I think rationally and let the emotions kick in only when I feel they can help. This took lots of practice to achieve.

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Being contrarian is valuable: improvement is possible only through questioning current best-practices and trying different approaches.

And if a contrarian’s approach ends up being the best, he will get quite a lot of demand for the little supply he has to offer.

2021 → 2022

It’s about to be 2022. Whatever. We should not change our actions just because of an arbitrary new beginning.

The changing of years is, however, a great time to look back and reflect.

I did not expect freedoms to erode so much in 2021.

In January 2021, Big Tech deplatformed the sitting President of the United States. In December 2021, it is deplatforming anyone who questions the mainstream narrative on the China Virus and injection safety, including an inventor of mRNA technology.

The Italian state of emergency has been extended three times just in 2021, with it now being prolonged until April 2022. This is madness since there is no emergency, while the disease is very much treatable. If a government gains extra powers during a state of emergency, it will extend the state of emergency indefinitely.

To enter Italy, a regular Italian citizen like me needs to take a Covid test, fill a form, call the local health service, spend ten days in quarantine and take another Covid test. To enter a museum, one needs to also wear a mask and have a Soylent Green pass. Wealthy non-citizens like Elon Musk are exempt from this tyrannical palaver.

Within just a year, the democratic Italian Republic became less free than the authoritarian state of Russia.

Analysing this nonsense led me to an awakening, the Great Awakening:

Many people who fell for the mainstream lies are subject to Stockholm syndrome and some even to schadenfreude—pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others. It’s a hard to shred a narrative when lots of time, money, thoughts, and emotions have been invested into it. I’ll be honest—I fell for the lies myself and only really woke up in July 2021. It’s normal to make mistakes—don’t let them define you. Acknowledge the reality, think critically, and constantly question yourself.

Two years ago I would have migrated to a country which has solved most of the problems present in my current one, to save time. But changing jurisdictions is no longer viable, as all countries are more or less unfree. Those that are still considered somewhat free today will find it easy to become part of the ever-growing unfree club. Try to remain in your country and do everything to save it.

We must do whatever it takes to regain our freedoms. Not only those lost in the last two years, but those lost in the last hundred. The evil masterminds must be arrested in droves—hate them at least as much as they hate you. Until that happens, do not comply with doltish rules and do not finance the turncoats.

Prepare for the worst possible scenarios, whether it’s a market crash, cryptocurrency ban, the invasion of Taiwan, a nuclear or neutron explosion, autonomous drone insects, a fake alien invasion, or something completely unimaginable. It’s a fun activity.

The charming rays of our happy smiles will lead us to victory. Have a happy and successful new year!

Covid vaccines

Vaccines are supposed to give a person immunity without causing illness. Any serious side-effects experienced at a large level make them pointless: the cure must never be worse than the disease. As of October 25, 2021, Taiwan has had 847 Covid deaths, but more than 865 vaccine deaths.

Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson are not your friends. In 2009, Pfizer paid the second largest healthcare fraud settlement in history, amounting at $2.3 billion, while Johnson & Johnson the third largest at $2.2 billion in 2013. AstraZeneca paid $520 million in a similar case. All of these companies were indicted for making kickbacks to advance their interests.

The following slide appeared for a split-second at a U. S. Food and Drug Administration conference in October 2020:

Let’s analyse a few of these side-effects.

Myocarditis. The UK’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation has said that for a million double-vaccinated among those aged 12 to 15, there will be 15 to 51 myocarditis incidences, but only 2.54 fewer admissions to intensive care units. While an admission to the ICU is not a death, there is no such thing as light myocarditis—more than 50% of patients die within 5 years.

Given these statistics, I am disgusted by the FDA’s Eric Rubin declaring that the safety of the vaccine for 5–11 year olds (!) will be determined only once it is given to them:

Autoimmune disease. As crazy as it sounds, the AstraZeneca vaccine appears to weaken the natural immune response to Covid after just 4 months unless a booster is taken (see page 10 of a study conducted in Sweden). Vaccine surveillance reports by Public Health England also state that immune systems are weakened by Covid vaccines in the long run. This means that endless boosters will be necessary not only to fight off Covid, but to simply live.

I know a person who felt better than ever after receiving his Pfizer shot. I also saw a person collapse within quibis of vaccination. Using the same dosage for different body types may not be a smart idea.

As for the Russian Sputnik-V, it does not seem to be very effective against Delta. I personally know more people who caught Covid with Sputnik-V than those without it. This includes one person who was admitted to an ICU and nearly died with Covid just two months after his jab. The EpiVacCorona vaccine is a scam.

Antibody-dependent enhancement. The monkey-virus-coronavirus stew that causes Covid does not give up easily, unlike smallpox. When fighting off antibodies, it often mutates into a more potent version of itself. The super-cold currently being witnessed in the UK is likely caused by antibody-dependent enhancement.

Covid deaths among the vaccinated should be considered vaccine deaths, as the vaccine did not do what it was supposed to. Severe post-vaccination adverse events are at record highs in the EU and in the USA.

The third phase of clinical trials for most vaccines won’t be over until late 2022. Anyone who takes a Covid vaccine today is participating in this third phase. Vaccine mandates and restrictions on the unvaccinated are unethical.

Governments often put optics above right decisions: appearing to be doing the right thing is more important to them than actually doing the right thing. The sunk-cost fallacy comes to mind here: declaring the vaccines faulty would end many bureaucrats’ careers, while locking down in 2021 is pure madness. As a result, for the first time ever, a medicine’s inefficacy is blamed on those who haven’t taken it, and a booster shot is now necessary to be considered fully vaccinated. This is because the original declarations of efficacy were completely wrong:

Governments might also be pushing mandates in return for certain officials receiving big bribes—don’t forget about the decade-old kickback settlements. In such a situation, pharma companies are incentivised not to end their failed experiment, but to make as much money as possible. The government is paying for the vaccines today, but I doubt it will continue to if infinite boosters become “necessary”. People must oppose vaccine passports to avoid their liberties being contingent on paying for a dangerous pharmaceutical product.

Quoting George Orwell, the war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous. Big Pharma and governments are incentivised to have a never-ending, continuously shifting existential health crisis in order to amass wealth and expand emergency powers. Sadly, the price politicians and pharmaceutical executives pay for deception is far lower than their profits.

Contracts with pharmaceutical companies, such as the ones with Pfizer, state that the companies are not responsible for the consequences of vaccination. Here’s an excerpt from the Albanian one:

Purchaser hereby agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Pfizer, BioNTech, each of their Affiliates ‹...› against any and all suits, claims, actions, demands, losses, damages, liabilities, settlements, penalties, fines, costs and expenses (including, without limitation, fees and other expenses of an investigation or litigation), whether sounding in contract, tort, intellectual property, or any other theory, and whether legal, statutory, equitable or otherwise arising out of, relating to, or resulting from the Vaccine.

To find out how safe the vaccine is, ask for life insurance before taking it.

What I’ve written is suppressed on Big Tech platforms and never talked about by mainstream media because they are all controlled by the same people who control Big Pharma—the investment firms Vanguard and BlackRock. In yet another conflict of interest, ex-FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb is now a member of Pfizer’s board of directors. Exiting the filter bubble is essential to know the truth.

When those perceived as opposition start agreeing with a premise that one’s logical reasoning fails to reach, one begins to doubt his own sanity and usually gives in. This was demonstrated by Solomon Asch’s conformity experiment:

When a mindless crowd of non-player characters repeating the same thing aren’t enough to uphold the narrative, the evil mastermind brings in crisis actors and creates controlled opposition. Fox News criticises Xiden and wokeness, but will never talk about the results of the Arizona audits. (Its parent company NewsCorp is partially owned by Vanguard.)

Covid vaccines were given emergency use authorisation, which is legal only when there are no other cures. But there is a zinc-based treatment protocol that prevents the viral stew from replicating and kills it within 48 hours. In my personal experience, it worked exactly as promised.

Don’t allow others to make decisions about your body. It’s a dangerous precedent that bring us closer to forced kidney donations, abortions, and other experiments on our bodies “for the benefit of society”.

Deeply think for yourself before making any life- and body-altering decision. The erosion of freedom occurs only because we consent to it.

1984: technology

Every Intel and AMD chip since 2008 has a backdoor that allows hardware manufacturers (and presumably the NSA) to manage files and network connections remotely, without the device’s owner even knowing. Purism has disabled it, Apple has not.

Indeed, Apple is not as privacy-focussed as it pretends to be. Along with embracing that backdoor, it sends app usage metadata to its servers. Its image scanning is yet another dangerous development: bugs in the algorithm could lead to people being wrongfully detained.

5G may be fast but it can pinpoint our location to the metre.

Tor is an American federal weapons contractor. Judging by Europol acknowledging that it has a way to deanonymise people using the network, using Tor is the same as wearing a black cloak in a room in which everyone else wears white.

The bank ING is integrating personal health records into its website. This could be a way to turn people into slaves by forcing them to surrender their bodies to Big Pharma, just to keep what was always rightfully theirs.

I am writing this series of posts not to convey gloom and defeat, but to highlight how much manipulation, corruption, and secret surveillance there is around us.

We should act, and do so now. Switch to open-source software—its transparency makes vulnerabilities easier to find. For those developing it, self-host instead of relying on GitHub and the like. Boycotting banks, Big Tech, and the many organisations that want to decide what’s “best” for us is painful at first, but has to be done to stop cyber-tyranny.

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