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London in January 2020

Bologna in July 2019

Milan in July 2019

Cap d’Ail in July 2019

Suzdal in February 2020

Water fountain interfaces

Canada geese in London

Covid vaccines

1984: “be normal”

1984: technology

1984: green passes

Psychedelic stop announcement on Nice tram

1984 in the European Union

Seize the moment

We’re not living in a simulation

Baskets for unwanted items

Baikal bottle cap

Crazy new ideas

Beautiful Italian marmalade packaging

Bitcoin-powered NFTs

Interesting rock construction

Don’t be ascetic

Public healthcare is unfair

Progressive: the radical left is stealing a word’s definition

Nice tramway map, February 2021

The future of the web

My full name

No return date

Sunset exits beta

Calendar checkmark macro

Korobeiniki on guitar

Why do Danes treat animals so poorly?

Why aliens are nowhere to be seen

I see Mars as a backup

Sunset theme for Nova

Why the flu disappeared

Tech companies ban Trump & Co.

Pandemic havens

The main criterion for closed-back headphones

What I love about flying

Just a speck of sugar

Immune to cancel culture


Renewable energy is cheaper than coal


The best-designed vaccine

I don’t regret


Bugs in own programs


2021 will be better

I’m happy when others reïfy an idea of mine

Some Big Sur icons are square iPads

Here’s to the crazy ones

Thameslink voice announcement

Nice tramway map, October 2020

Pause in posting

Driving a car at age three

Facebook blocked me. A picture story

There would be no lockdown if hospitals were private

Sharing a code means sharing a code

Hunger strikes are the stupidest form of protest

Maskless as a symbol of power

Opt-out from call recording

Nice tramway map, August 2020

My Telegram posts on 2020’s weeks 30 & 31

ijo nasa

Camera positioning in online video interviews

Fractal mind-mapping

Randomness in games

My Telegram posts on 2020’s week 28

Genuine beliefs define reality

Conscious life choices

Aliens and cameras

Bus route naming

Nice tramway map, July 2020

My Telegram posts on 2020’s week 26

Good causes and cults


My Telegram posts on 2020’s week 25

Apple can charge developers 30% if it wants to

Alternative math

My Telegram posts during 2020’s week 24

My favourite strategy game

Wi-Fi signs in trains

Oat drink ads in London

Action movies

Meaningful holidays and moronic festivities

My Telegram posts during 2020’s week 23

Nice tramway map, June 2020

Can’t please everyone

My Telegram posts during 2020’s week 22

Why our body succumbs to little scars

My Telegram posts on 2020’s week 21

Whiteboard erasers

My Telegram posts from April 16 till May 16, 2020

No toolbars on the Mac

Sorry for the earache

kalama musi wan

Nice tramway map

The butterfly effect and health

Food tastes however you want

Up next

Loud music isn’t music

What’s impossible today will be possible in the future

Why online public school won’t last

The 19th Covid

Wash your hands properly

Organic: agribusiness is changing a word’s definition

Physical distancing

Voice-controlled elevators

Alcohol-free cocktails

Bread rolls

Perfume and aroma candles



Light switches


Cancel culture and dialogue

Hand dryers and paper towels


Europe diagram, Brexit edition


Slight improvements

The wider problem. Protesters getting fined

Bus route displays

The wider problem. Ground floor room

The world needs victims

Why zero factorial is one

Morse code tapping to unlock

Tomato juice


Chinese Apple fakes

Two weeks without meat

An excerpt from Thomas Paine’s “Common sense”

Bus doors

Urgent messages

Discounts are not gifts

The wider problem. Flight shaming

The death penalty

Conspiracy theory videos

QR codes

Stacking knowledge

Where to eat in Italy

Autorenewals and commonsense

The theory of little scars

History for Private Browsing

“Do not disturb” in hotels

Monaco’s flag

Wayfinding in Dolceacqua

Pigna Library website v1.1

Train door buttons

Acronyms and abbreviations

Music on hold

Robert’s summer days in Italy, 2019

Nice tram sound in Nice


Primary sources

Choose a flavour

Website code intact

May the 1st

Immortality fund

Website for Pigna Library

Two yellows


Nationalities play


Investment & charity fund

Blinov Nominate for design award consideration

Days of the week

Why people choose being janitors


Internet-free Sundays

Do not vibrate while wirelessly charging

Coat hangers & hooks

Rollable TVs

Time cafés are evil




Ecosystems via subscriptions

How to make Russia a better place

Gates in libraries

How to solve a seemingly impossible problem

Contextual text in articles

Loyalty and lying

Truth and opinion

Apple’s strategy for the future

Summary of Jonah Lehrer’s “How we decide”

Auto-save while printing

Driverless trains

2018 fad of the year


An anthem for a micronation

The first website in the world with “prefers-color-scheme: dark”

Grapes with seeds

A better abbreviation for sine & cosine

Escalator positioning


“Don’t wake” quasimode

How to solve most of the world’s problems

Food waste is not a problem

Updating CGP Grey’s Europe diagram

An impossible name

It’s not San Remo, but Sanremo

“Events in the Riviera” website

Pen caps

My wishes for iOS 13

Trapped in a rug

An elevator control panel for 30+ floor buildings

Medium → Aegea

Summary of “Exceptional service, exceptional profit”

Redesigning an elevator control panel

I can’t stand titles where almost each word begins with a capital letter

Device names